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 Música Del Río
 House Concerts

We invite you to join us for a small gathering with friends to enjoy exceptional and well known singer/songwriters and musicians
 in our living room filled with Música Del Río, "music of  the river"
 in Atascadero,  our town in the upper Salinas River Valley of California.

                                                                                     Fred & Sharon Munroe


  Please Join Us!

Música Del Río house concerts are a private party for invited guests who RSVP with plans to attend.

We use a web based list management system to send invitations for the upcoming concert to everyone on our email list.

To be included on our  email invitation list, send an email to Musica Del Rio with the word "please" in the subject line. You must  include your name, where you live and a contact phone number, so we can reach you if there should ever be any last minute change of plans for a concert you are planning to attend.

What is going on here?

Música Del Río is a gathering of friends to enjoy outstanding acoustic music in our living room.

With room for about 60 friends; musicans and singer-songwriters find our  house concerts to be a joyous way to share the art of their craft.
100% of the donation you make to attend this gathering goes to the performers. We do this for the love of music, the love of friends to share it with and the love of opening our front door to make it happen.


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Saturday February 21, 2015                               7:30 PM

 Joe Craven, Mamadou Sidibe & Walter Strauss

Over time musical forces have left eternal joy at Música Del Río. A few artists made us truly sit-up and pay attention, then scurry off after tattooing a new musical memory on our soul. The infamous Joe Craven, master of the fiddle, mandolin and jawbone; and the gifted guitar ace Walter Strauss are two of our favorite purveyors of the magic. Both have been spent time here. And they return, but not alone. Bringing with them a gift... from Mali a musical magician, Mamadou Sidibe. And Mamadou makes his magic with the 10 and 12 string kamala ngoni, the West African hunter’s harp.

So they wedge this music so tight. There are now spaces or lines between them. They are now still three; Joe, Mamadou, Walter…but as one. This is Mamajowali. This is the music these three forces bring us, now known as “Afromericana”. This is folk, this is the music of the workday, this is bluegrass, this is music of the festivals, this is jazz, this is the music from centuries of struggle, and this is music of rejoicing. Their blend of kamale ngoni with six string guitar, percussion, fiddle, mandolin and singing is traditional, innovative and uncommon - all at the same time. This music has never been to Música Del Río before, and it will seem like it has been here all along.

Joe Craven is known to all. He has played with Jerry Garcia, Yo-Yo Ma, and David Grisman. Joe has been here many times ; with folk, “hot club” jazz and bluegrass (by jawbone). Joe is Americana at its finest. When he brings friends, he brings the best.

Mamadou Sidibe, from the Wassoulou Region of Mali, West Africa; played a special role in transforming this regions music from it's origins in hunters' sacred melodies -played on six string donso ngoni- to a music of philosophical observations, politics and daily life. Mamadou expanded the instrument's range with two extra strings, and then pushing it further, by creating the kamala ngoni. He has been referred to as the Muddy Waters of Mali.

Fingerstyle guitarist Walter Strauss draws on American roots, world music and jazz to create a sound uniquely his own. Walter has been drawn to West African music as he has found fascinating ways to bridge melodies of the 21-string kora with guitar traditions we now see as the true origins of Americana.

So together, as Mamajowali, these three magicians will share the blending of thing familiar and new, as the draw us into a musical sphere simultaneously worlds apart, and without boundaries. This will be our road less traveled to Música Del Río this time. Hold on for a very good ride on February 21.